MOGMusic To Release New Album “Koinonia” in 3 Phases

MOGMusic, the “Be Lifted” crooner is set to release his new album “Koinonia” in 3 phases. MOGMusic was on @starr1035fm radio interview on 14th July 2022, to talk about his new single “Your presence” and the “Koinonia Album”. He mentioned the stages in which the album will be released. He said that the release of his new album KOINONIA will be released in 3 phases. The release will be along side his concert tour. He will be having 3 locations for his tour: Accra then UK then Kumasi. The Kumasi tour will likely be in the new year per the plan.

MOGMusic mentioned to the host  @maame_animwaa_ of the show that the first part of the album will be released in Ghana, New Wine concert Accra , then the second part of the album will be released in the UK, the UK concert, and then the last part of the album will be released in Ghana, the Kumasi Concert. His reason for this 3 phase release is to let consumers of his music have enough time to digest the songs and have fellowship with God. Hence the title, Koinonia. Christmas with MOGMusic will however come off as usual on the 24th of December this year. All patrons should endeavor to add it to their schedules. MOGMusic released his new single on 8th July 2022. The title of the song “Your Presence” speaks to the importance of God’s presence in the life of a believer and how everything will be settled if we let God take center stage. Enjoy it.

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